Hotel Information and Policies

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in time is 1pm – 4pm. Check-out time is between 9am – 12pm. Guests are required to handover room keys to staff upon departure. Unreturned or lost keys will result in a $15 penalty.

Departures after 12pm will be considered as late departure and additional cost of $10 per hour will be applied to Guest’s Hotel account. If departure is after 6pm, an extra night will be charged.

Airport Shuttle

Shuttle service to and from the airport is available for all guests arriving and departing from Kosrae International airport. Please let us know what flight you will be arriving and/or departing, so we can schedule your ride.

Free WiFi

We have switched to Micronesia Internet Services to provide the highest speed internet on the island, directly in your room.

Rental Cars

We have a variety of vehicles available to you. In Kosrae, driving is on the right side of the road. Some of our vehicles have steering wheels located on the right side of the vehicle, so please let us know if you prefer a vehicle with right or left side steering wheel.

Eco-Friendly Tips

To help us minimize our environmental footprint during your stay, please try and conserve our precious natural resources

  • Switch off your lights, air condition and electric appliances when you are not in the room. Keep the temperature at a comfortable level that isn’t too cold.
  • Reuse your towels. Let the staff know when you need to change your towels.
  • Reduce your shower time to conserve water.


Laundry service is available upon request with a 24 hours turnaround.  $15 per load.


We are under construction for a new on-site restaurant that will be ready in Spring 2023! Until it is ready, we can offer pre-ordered meals delivered to your room upon request with 12 hours notice. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are $15, $20, and $24 respectively. A menu of food/drink items to select from can be found in your room. Food can be packaged into your room price upon request. We will also be setting up delivery service to make it more convenient for you (charges may apply).


We accept payment via credit card, check, or cash.  One night security deposit will be required before reservation can be confirmed. Payment information will be required upon check-in / arrival.  Payment for services in full will be charged prior to your departure.

Quiet Hours

From 11:00pm to 07:00am is the time of quiet hours.  Please be careful to avoid disturbing any other Guests during this period.  The Hotel reserves the right to refuse further hospitality to the Guest who disturbs other Guests or otherwise disrespects the Hotel policies.  In case of cancellation of further stay by the Hotel caused by misbehavior and disrespect of Hotel policies, the Hotel reserves the right to charge the Guest for full length of stay as per the reservation.


Our guests may invite their own visitors to the room, but visitors shall need to follow all Hotel rules and be respectful of other guests.  Guests are responsible for the actions of their visitors. The Hotel reserves the right to charge additional $20 per person per nightfor visitors who stay overnight as a supplement for the additional guest.


No smoking is allowed in hotel rooms or in rental cars. You will be subject to a penalty of $250 to cover the costs of removing the odor.


Guests are required to observe and abide by all applicable acts, laws and Government rules and regulations in force.  This includes the safe use of internet, vehicles, and restricted substances.